No other clan is more intent on maintaining a front of respectability than the Giovanni, and none is more repulsive at heart. Giovanni vampires are rich merchants, speculators, and investors who spend most of their nights manipulating their vast assets from skyscraper offices. They spend the rest of their nights in crypts and mausoleums carrying out their dark and morbid rites. The Giovanni are nicknamed the "Necromancers." Few outsiders have ever taken part in the clan's necromantic rituals, so the purpose of these is likewise a mystery. Instead, suspicions and innuendoes have taken the places of facts and truths. Every member of this clan is also a member of the Giovanni family. By longstanding tradition, Giovanni only Embrace those of their own family, and most of their Retainers and ghouls are also of the family. The Giovanni are extremely loyal to each other, and betrayal of one of them is unthinkable. Clan Giovanni is one of the more rigidly controlled clans, and contact is constantly maintained between members of the clan. Giovanni generally dwell in mansions and condominiums in the finer parts of town; most also maintain at least one hideaway in a sewer or graveyard. Their most common Natures are Deviant and Architect, and they may assume any Demeanor. Mental Attributes and Knowledge Abilities are alwasy primary. They always have at least some Resources, but can have any other Backgrounds they desire. Most will have Retainers. Their Clan Disciplines are Dominate, Necromancy, and Potence. The easiest way to gain Clan Prestige among the Giovanni is by accumulating vast amounts of wealth. A more difficult way is by discovering new understandings of death, either through art or magic.



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