A Bitersweet Life

Life was full filling for me at this time.A new husband,a new
home and a wonderful new house.I had a hard time adjusting at
first.But as time passed I grew used to the new land.I had lived
in England for many years with my father after my mother
passed.I never dreamed I would be so far across the ocean
in a new time and land.

I meet Baron LaDon's son at a party my father hosted one
Christmas so many years ago. i was barely 15 then and never dreamed
of becoming a bride and never did I imagine it would be
to such a handsome and well connected man such as the Baron's
so Micheal.He stood tall and rather muscular,blonde
hair,which he wore long and always pulled back.His blue eyes were
like pools of the most crystal blue water.I knew form the moment I
saw him he was a special man.

Was a short time till we started to se eachother,with my father's
permission of course.Two years had passed and now we
were deeply in love.With my fathers concent we wed on a wonderful
Autumn day in September.I was ayed by new husband and the thoughts of
a new land.

Now here in this time and place I was happy and yet a bit
homesick.The only conection I had to home was my servant and friend
Tessy.Tessy was african and had been with my fater and I since my
mother passed.Not much older than I myself,by maybe 8 years,she
served as a wonderful friend and mother to me.So I had
refused to leave England with out her.

As I stand on the balcony this warm Georgia night,looking out
unto the vast property I can now call home.The trees rustled
to the warm breeze blowing but all was silent except for
that sound.It was calming and made me feel so not
alone.Micheal was away on business and would not be returning for 2
more days yet.Oh how I hated when he had to go away on
business.I could hear Tessy inside the room beyond the glass balcony
doors preparing my room for bed.Lying out a fresh linen nightie
for the long lonely night ahead.
And suddenly under the full moonlight I saw
shifted amongst the trees.I tried to adjust
to the dim night light to see if it was animal or human.A
bit frightened now,I shook a bit as I still tried to see.Agian
something moved seem to be drawing closer.My heartbeats now
quicken in fear.I knew I was safe atop the second floor balconey
what could be out in the dakness.I back up but continued to
try to peer into the darkness.Then I realized it was a shape
of a human.A rather large human,watching me from the cover
of the trees below.Fright got the better of me and I
hurridly turn and entered my room shutting the doors behind me.I
turned and drew back the lace curtians on the balcony door in time to
the figure move amongst the dense trees, in the light of the
full moon I could only see a flowing cape as whoever this was
mounted his horse and rode off into the night...

Who was this strange figure in the night watching me in my home
this night?

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