Meet Vampiress Phoenix

Hi my name is Vampiress Phoenix(alias Danielle).I come from a family of 5.I am very much into the gothic lifestyle.I am a member of the Sabbot Clan of Vampires.I am also Wiccan and a practicing blessed be.You may find me often in VP so if you do say hello for I love to met new friends,after all i dont bite(to hard anyway).I also have studied journalism and school,I am hoping you enjoy my poetry.And come back as often as you can. Thank you,Vampiress Phoenix

ampiress Phoenix
United States

"The gothic, in their fanatical embrace of death,
seek nothing else than to conquer death by incorporating
it into life. That paradoxical fight is, for me,
the origin of the passion, power and appeal of the gothic
lifestyle." -- Chris Rapier

Goth Myths Dispelled
Vampires are imaginary creatures. If you think otherwise, you're not goth, you're disturbed. Utter bullshit. Goth is not about the beautiful clothes you own or your vast CD collection of beautifully angst-ridden music. In short, Things do not make the Goth. Although some of us like them very much. Not all of us want to die. However, there are some of us that often don't have much urge to live. There is a difference between suicidal and world-wearied or getting there fast. Colour is not a fashion no-no. It's just that *some* colours are. People who wear, say, lots of screaming tacky yellow obviously do not take themselves seriously enough. In cases of uncertainty, just wear black. Cats ARE smarter than dogs. This is plainly obvious. Hell, they're smarter than people. This is why we have so many. It has nothing to do with using them as our familiars to call spirits from the dead. Sunlight is all right. Just preferably as leftovers from the previous night. But not to excess. We know how to smile. We simply choose not to let you know it.

Lord and Lady Phoenix's Wedding

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