Come Sit With Me

By Vampiress Death

Come sit with me besides the fire
watch the the hours fade to morning.
Hear the wind sing our song.
It makes the trees bend
as if they bow to us.

Come walk with me along the sandy beaches.
Watch the sun wake to a brand new day.
Remember the days when love was young,
like flowers of the spring.
But now we walk,
hand in hand,
watching life slowly fade away.

Come lets run the sandy shore
Remember how we played our games
so many times before?
Come lie with me,hold me closer,
watch the stars and the moon above.
Remember all the silly wishes?

Funny how they all came true.........

Thank you for visiting me.I would like to include a special thanks to you Dreade,I love you,for all your help.And to all my good friends in exile,glad I know you all and I love my sistah's and brutha's.
Dedicated to:
A special angel from above We love you Lauren.
And special friends: M'Lord Phoenix,My Protector.
And My one Love you know I love you more than anything.
To you my juju man you will always have a special place in my heart.

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