To You My Lauren,My Littest Love

You have gone from me?
I sometimes fail to understand
For our yesterday is gone
and our tomorrows will never come.
But each day we were together
as an eternity we were together.
Hand in Hand.
Your wings comfort me and warm
and though we are just two,
our love has made us one
For what we are is what we are.

Will time make me forget our love?
yes and no
Yes,because I think of you each hour.
No,for it will never stop.
Time is my friend
that's the hand that reaches me.
That joins us in it's eternity.

In that eternity are we?
Yes we are together still.
friend and friend.
boy and girl
friend and angel.
I can sit back now
enclosed in the security and love.
As you spread your wings
and together we shall fly into eternity.

Lauren Carrano

Febuary of 1997 a family suffered it's worst tragedy any family could,the death of a nine year old daugther Lauren. She died from an infection while undergoing a bone marrow transplant.Many peoples lives where changed forever.
She was loved by so many here and in the surrounding towns.Everyone helped and gave.For she was helpful and giving herself.
As you can imagine when christmas come its hard for her parents,her sister and her brother,and all the family and us friends who loved her.To ever imagine getting through it without her.
So as a tradition there is an angel tree for Lauren in the home from which all the family and we friends have placed an angel on that tree.
Every year Lauren's Angel tree goes upand we feel all the love that was put into each and every ornament.
Lauren you were so loved by many,but I by far are missing you so much.Just to look into your little girl face once more and see you smile would be a wonderful gift.So for now I close my eyes and I get to see that face everytime I think of you.I miss you my dearest friend as do all the child you have touched that fourth grade year.
Farewell my dear playmate may heaven have held peace for you and all the things you loved so dearly here.
So until one day we met again keep watch over me,for you are in my thoughts always....Love,David

Special Prayer Request Offered To The Gods and Goddess's....
Please offer yours also:
It has come to our attention that Lauren's father is very ill and in need of a kidney transplant..
unfortunatly you must wait on a list till the organ becomes avaliable.
So please along with me and mine offer your prayers so that this wonderful person may live and recieve that much needed organ...
Thank you and Blessed Be

Missing Children

I am adding this special link section
in the dedication of missing children as I become aware of them.
Please in the name of the Gods and Godess
visit these links for maybe you have seen these children.

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